Old time radio is coming your way!

I’ve been thinking about radio a lot lately as I delve into old family history and try to imagine the book chats my grandfather, Richard Gill Montgomery, Sr., provided by radio in early Portland. Many early Portlanders recognized his voice for years as he hosted the chats beginning on KGW from 1925-1933, and KEX from 1933-1942, and then again after retirement from 1973-79. My strongest childhood radio show memories, though, are those of the Cinnamon Bear with Judy and Jimmy and the Crazy Quilt Dragon. I remember cozying up as Christmas approached, to listen to their adventures to places like the Root Beer Ocean and as they met characters like the Inkaboos.


Richard G. Montgomery, Sr.

If I were just a few years older, I might remember radio during the year the West Linn Historical Society will be highlighting during the October 22 Radio Show, a first ever live theatrical performance. Come join us to go back to the year 1956 to listen to news of the day, a brief soap opera, highlights from the community calendar, and West Linn History “on parade.” All this at 7pm “in the stacks” at the library located at 1595 Burns Street in West Linn. There is limited seating – $5 tickets at the door. Visit with us after for refreshments and to learn more about other events sponsored by the West Linn Historical Society.


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