Inscriptions: Then and now


I’m learning.

First lesson this week: Duo author book readings are awesome. Thanks to Joseph Haeger for partnering with me at Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane – how did they know our work would interrelate so beautifully? After Joseph read his new essay, it was as if the stars had lined up. The essay was a brilliant tie in to My Music Man. Memories. Loss. What we recover from them. How they morph.

Lesson two: Yes, it is a bit hard to figure out how to sign your books. I mean, beyond the signature. Friends are easy, but then what? Does it matter? While I admit to having taken to Google to prepare for my first signings, I realize in retrospect that I would have done better to just examine my own treasures. Those that I inherited from Dad….and he, from his dad.

FullSizeRender 2

Hmm – why do I have my cousins’ book? Sorry – want it back? I never got one of these signed by Daddy Dick. The plight of the younger grandchild?


Daddy Dick and WhoWho – I think you’d like that My Music Man mentions your good friend Tom.

FullSizeRender 3

Oh, and Daddy, Dick, Willamette Landings is referenced in My Music Man as well.

Inscriptions – always meaningful. Then and now.

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