Grief, gratitude and all that lies between

Earlier this month I joined four authors to read our work at Coffee and Grief Podcast. I thank the creators and supporters of this series, Anne, Maria and Scott. Last week’s podcast was the 38th month of sharing by writers and hosted by them. What a commitment!

Because some of you let me know you were unable to join the event live, I have posted below my six minutes in which I share Mourning, and an excerpt from 127 nights to treasure forever. Mourning was included in the anthology Plague 2020: A World Anthology of Poetry and Art About COVID-19 edited by Dr Mahnaz Badihian. I also encourage you to access the full hour recording to listen to all five writers, including Sheila Bender, Liz Prato, Chelsea Biondolillo, and Claire Simons. (Please don’t judge me on my lighting or lack of wall decor, the Big Fork, Montana motel I was in lacked a bit of both.)

I do believe, when we are ready, by sharing our grief we find community and healing. 

Patty and Dede, January 2021.

For more about my walk with my mom, visit I love you bigger than the sky, including the blogs linked at the end.

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