Dede Montgomery is a six-generation Oregonian and a certified industrial hygienist working in research at Oregon Health & Science University, where she blogs in Oregon and the Workplace. Dede’s family ties have instilled in her a deep connection to the land, and curiosity about life in early Oregon and the stories, good and bad, that lay there. In her memoir, My Music Man, Dede explores the jumbled path of forgiveness, reconciliation, courage and gratitude, through the memories and stories stirred after her father’s death.  My Music Man was released in October 2017 by Bedazzled Ink Publishing. Dede’s first novel, Beyond the Ripples, has recently been acquired by Bedazzled Ink.

Throughout her blog and memoir, Dede’s stories of family members include her great great great grandparents Chloe Clark and William Willson (affiliates of Jason Lee Missionaries, founders of Willamette University and Salem), great great grandfather J.K. Gill (Portland book publisher),  grandfather Richard G. Montgomery, Sr. (advertiser, author, radio book reviewer), and father Richard G. Montgomery, Jr. (journalist, river lover).

Dede lives with her husband in West Linn, Oregon where she is active with the West Linn Historical Society, and never tires of exploring new places along the banks of the Willamette River.

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