Eight years

Dad died exactly eight years ago today. I feel like many others who have lost people they love: how can it have been so long, we wonder? The day before dad died he rode his exercise bike and I had just tried to install a window portable air conditioner for my parents' apartment that didn't … Continue reading Eight years

Of Place

The Narrows, Willamette River, Oregon You return to me in these places I journey.Solo explorations beneath canopies of cottonwood and maple.I hesitate to admire the trillium only today peeking out from the soil and hear your voice telling granddaughters about these white short-lived beauties that wake in those first moments of spring.The brilliant yellow flowers … Continue reading Of Place

From lupus to dementia: the art of healing and acceptance

No, this isn't really about COVID. Although, having a loved one acquire breakthrough COVID, after already having it once, does have me wondering more about disease predisposition. In all the controversies of today, some believe positivity keeps all evils away: even COVID-19. What I know, is that it doesn't. For after all, whether a disease … Continue reading From lupus to dementia: the art of healing and acceptance