About tomorrow

One of the most profound homework assignments I remember from high school was the one requiring me to write my own obituary. The class was called "Values and Conflicts" and I think the teacher created it from the book Values Clarification. I was a top student and loved learning: humanities, advanced composition, but also suffered … Continue reading About tomorrow

From lupus to dementia: the art of healing and acceptance

No, this isn't really about COVID. Although, having a loved one acquire breakthrough COVID, after already having it once, does have me wondering more about disease predisposition. In all the controversies of today, some believe positivity keeps all evils away: even COVID-19. What I know, is that it doesn't. For after all, whether a disease … Continue reading From lupus to dementia: the art of healing and acceptance

The anniversary emotional rollercoaster

So many different anniversaries we note in these human lives we lead. We anticipate them, celebrate some and mourn others. We memorialize significant historical and celebratory events, the bad and good: D.Day, 9/11, the first pandemic lock down, the 1977 Blazer NBA win, February 14, 1859 Statehood. Some anniversaries remind us of accomplishments: we reminisce … Continue reading The anniversary emotional rollercoaster