Maps for Mary

My good friend Mary sent me a short text the other day while she was in the middle of reading My Music Man.

“I need a map in the book!! 2nd edition!”

I have to be honest: At the time, I was quite satisfied to produce both a family tree and an organized list of history sources to support my memoir. A map? Never considered it. I did naturally look at a number of maps during the writing of the book. I particularly remember looking for a map to help me calculate river miles between Champoeg and the Falls.

So I polled two other friends who have finished reading the book and aren’t native to Oregon.  I got mixed results. I decided that Mary has a good point. So – since she asked – here are two maps to support My Music Man. Although be forewarned – I never claimed to have a gift for drawing.


Freehand map of Territories and States in late 1845-1846, For something more accurate, see this map.

music map...

Places in My Music Man. Credits for Willamette River and Valley Map: Wikipedia maps.

I’m kind of doubtful there will ever be a 2nd edition – although, I have learned, never say never. If there is one,  I promise Mary, I will strongly consider adding maps. And hire a professional.

3 thoughts on “Maps for Mary

  1. You can easily add the maps to the online edition as an addendum. I love maps, too, so you can never have too many.
    I am enjoying reading your booking. It’s a wonderful supplement to the oral history of your family I’ve heard throughout the years.


  2. Thank You Dede! Curiosity did actually get the better of me and I pulled up google maps and started searching everything. I even looked up Montgomery Way! And here is hoping for the 2nd edition with the maps!

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