Hair and formaldehyde, power and health

Life occasionally delivers moments when my newer author life intersects with my thirty-year industrial hygiene profession. I didn’t expect Brazilian Blowout to be captured within the pages of The Female Persuasion, as I leisurely read this 2018 novel by Meg Wolitzer while on vacation. This chemical hair straightener briefly shocked me away from my traditional … Continue reading Hair and formaldehyde, power and health

Wilsonville 1968: the big vote by a small community

In 1968, my dad - Dick Montgomery - and his brother Bill, sparred over whether Wilsonville should incorporate. Bill, my family, and my grandparents all lived on Montgomery Way on the bank of the Willamette. "While we were young and naive, we knew that adults disagreed about what should happen to our town and its … Continue reading Wilsonville 1968: the big vote by a small community

West Linn Ignite strikes again

You have another opportunity later this month to join West Linn Historical Society at the (now we can say popular) Ignite West Linn: History on Fire. This dynamic and lively fast-paced event providing glimpses into history will begin at 4pm on Sunday, July 29 at the Willamette Ale & Cider House, and run until approximately 5:30pm. Ignite presenters get … Continue reading West Linn Ignite strikes again