Calling all book clubs

As an extroverted introvert, I do enjoy book talks and public presentations. I like gatherings and parties, at least for the first hour – although my preference is always to engage in a longer, deeper conversation with a single individual, even at events like this. That being said, I have found my favorite activity related to the launch of my books: that of sitting within the intimacy of a book group, discussing my book. Good talks and pitches are great to a point, but they can lack the deeper conversations about what is at the heart of our writing. The truth about why we write, and how our own passions, losses, worries and misunderstandings show up on the pages. It allows us authors to understand how people – not us – relate or don’t relate – to what we so painstakingly put out for the world’s viewing.

For the remainder of 2019 and into 2020, I’d like to focus the time that I have to sit with book groups who have selected either my 2017 memoir, My Music Man, or my 2019 Oregon-based literary fiction, Beyond the Ripples. In person in the Portland-metro area can always work, as can joining any group remotely. I also have a number of work-related trips happening over the next year and just might be able to arrange something in person elsewhere.

If you’ve already read either book, and think it’d be fun to discuss as a group – pitch it to your book club, or pull together a few friends for such a gathering. You can learn more about each book and download a reader’s guide on the site: see My Music Man or Beyond the Ripples.

Do you have an idea or suggestion? Email me.

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