Read, review, repeat

Serendipity of the discovered game piece.

Thanks to friends and readers who have sent me feedback about Beyond the Ripples. It means so much. If you want to take it a step further, do 1) put a review – it can be as simple as a sentence or two – out there for the world on Goodreads, Powell’s, B&N, Amazon, etc. 2) recommend it to your book group, and 3) share it with your friends.

Still wondering what it is about? This praise from authors Warren C. Easley and Jane Kirkpatrick say it all:

“A moving, heartfelt journey through the lives of a cast of characters fatefully joined by a note in a bottle set adrift in the Willamette River. The characters — the young girl who launched the bottle, a kind octogenarian who finds it, his successful daughter who feels inexplicably unfulfilled, a salesclerk struggling to rise above an abusive partner and a controlling mother, and a burned-out teacher searching for meaning –all live and breathe with human authenticity. This beautiful book is a story of love, friendship, and growth, and a meditation on the abiding need we all have for human connection.”

Warren C. Easley, author of Moving Targets, book 6 in the Cal Claxton Oregon Mysteries

“Memoirist Dede Montgomery has the uncanny ability to create the quality of presence inside story. This time, it’s through her fiction. Whether at the Columbia River shoreline with a man struggling to gather up a bottle with a note inside or in a restaurant with a waitress witnessing a meeting that will change lives, we are there, moved by these characters, cheering them on and celebrating how interconnected we humans are. Beyond the Ripples will capture your heart.”

Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author of Everything She Didn’t Say.”

Learn more:

P.S. Nope, don’t reread and re-review my book (although I guess you could) – but do it with other authors and books you love!

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