Facebook Live: what did you say about those characters?

Who knows how it’ll go: it might simply be me talking to myself (which, face it, I do all the time), or it could be a fun-filled-fest with tips shared by me and others! Regardless, I’d love to have you join me to discuss writing and developing characters, specifically related to Beyond the Ripples. Whether you’ve read the book or not, reader or author, join me on Facebook Live on my Author Facebook page Saturday, October 12 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time. Hate Facebook? I understand – let’s find another way, another day, to connect. (I like coffee, beer and ice cream.)

Even if you don’t plan to join me, you might enjoy this short video thanks to the comedic talents of my wonderful nephew. Curious about, or need a reminder about the characters in Ripples? Check out my Character List.

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