Talking characters

Sat., October 12, 2019 Facebook Live: Talking characters

Now that was fun! I had figured I should join others in hosting a Facebook Live event and do appreciate those of you that joined me in real time. It’d be a little weird to talk to yourself – even if I do all the time, usually it isn’t recorded. Be flexible with me (or perhaps indulgent) for the first minute or two if you take time to view the 30-minute recording posted above and on my Author Facebook Page.

Here’s some of what I have learned so far on this journey of writing literary fiction that is character-based:

  1. Every character needs to bring something to the story. They need to each “earn belief.” Within this I ponder – how many is too many characters? Beyond the Ripples has 34!
  2. Utilize some common names. (“Every book needs a Mary.”)
  3. Choose dissimilar names. (OOPS!)
  4. Consider character age and era. (e.g., “Dixie” and “Ernest.”)
  5. Consider root meaning. (Um, maybe next time?)
  6. Re-evaluate names and check them again. (Grant was originally Evan – yet another name that starts with a vowel!)
  7. What about character lists? Should they be in the book or not? (The classic answer: it depends!)

If you haven’t yet read Ripples, days are getting shorter so perhaps now is the time! Find it at a few of my favorite bookstores and if not, ask your favorite bookseller to order it, check it out from your local library (or request that the library add it to their shelf) or buy it online: here’s where to find it.

And then let me know. What do you think about the characters inhabiting Beyond the Ripples?

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