Releasing February 14, 2020 e-book only

As promised, I am delighted to announce the release of my “blog to book” on Oregon’s 161st February 14, 2020 birthday. About my new work:

Then, Now and In-Between is a compendium of essays and prose, many that first appeared on the author’s blog, Musings About Life in Oregon. This series of writing is accompanied by photos, delving into old Oregon, with a nod to today, weaving in memories and stories with humor, sadness, and melancholy. The book is separated into three sections: Place, Memories, and Loss. It will be available on all e-book platforms and outlets. Dede Montgomery is the author of My Music Man and Beyond the Ripples.

While I will always favor real, hard copy books, the large number of high resolution, color photos in this books will generate high print costs. One month after the e-book is released, I’ll share pricing information on a hard copy version, and evaluate the potential printing of paper copies “on demand.”

Although this book is self-published, I thank my publisher, Bedazzled Ink Publishing, for offering technical services to assist me in formatting for the e-book platforms.

I will be hosting a FaceBook Live Launch Party on Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 9 AM – 10 AM Pacific Time. Please grab your cup of coffee or tea and join me for any part of that time. I’ll talk about my process and decision to go from “blog to book,” and would love to hear any feedback or questions you may have. I’ll also give away a few copies in PDF format. It’ll be great to have company, so I hope you can carve out a bit of time to join me from my Author Facebook Page. See the Event Page. Later in 2020 I’ll plan a live author reading, so stay tuned.

Check back on February 14 – in between your Valentine’s Day plans – for links to where you can buy your own copy. Or, if you’ve been dutifully following this blog and have family members or friends who might enjoy reading them in e-book format, send this blog on to them. Better yet, think of that upcoming special occasion and surprise them with a copy.

As always, I remain thankful to you and your support, and this opportunity to continue to unleash my creative passion of writing.

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