Summer in the Willamette Valley

SUMMER IS TRUE river time. Lazy summer emanates nature’s special recipe: a potpourri of carp and cottonwood that transports any grown-up river kid back to childhood on the rivers of the Willamette Valley. After cottonwoods cover banks and nearby roads with white fluffy fibers, mowers and tractors hew lawns and till soil. The milky fibers drop from overhanging limbs into the Willamette, creating a strangely enticing scum. The smell of river summer doesn’t ripen until late June. It rises mildly on a morning, simmering until late afternoon as the banks absorb the sun’s warmth and then, finally, release the ultimate summer river smell: a fishy blend spiked with decomposing cottonwood fibers and soon-to-burst blackberry blossoms...”
Chapter 4: Summer, My Music Man

My Music Man was selected to be shared by the Oregon State Capitol Foundation Speaker’s Series at the Oregon State Capitol on Oregon’s 2019 Birthday.

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