Is Jolabokaflod PDX on your calendar?

It’s not hard for me to get excited about live events these days. You know, the ones that aren’t on Zoom or WebEx or Teams or some other virtual platform? I know, too, that I’ll need to pace myself. A few hours of “live” is about all I can handle these days. but that doesn’t temper my excitement.

I am eager to be one of 16 local authors participating in Jolabokaflod 2021 on Sunday, December 12 at Urbanite PDX. I was fortunate to be part of Jolabokaflod 2018 and 2019, held then at Nordic Northwest. I skipped last year’s virtual festivity, knowing I wasn’t sure how to predict my schedule those days Mom lived with us, heeding that rare warning I give myself not to try to do it all. But this year? Bring it on! I am boostered and pleased to don my mask to join in a COVID compliant event like this. Urbanite PDX is a cool spot on its own…and now you get to look at books too! (This event is during a major gift giving season, in case you haven’t figured it out. Or you can simply do like me and buy yourself more books.)

Jolabokaflod 2019 at the Nordic Northwest. Nope, no masks then….

What’s a Jolabokaflod, you might ask? I know, it sounds a bit like one of those unusual animals that Rex Harrison sings about in Doctor Doolittle. However, you more worldly types understand that Jolabokaflod is an annual Icelandic tradition with – yep, books! Although those traditionally celebrating the Icelandic Yule Book Flood do so on Christmas Eve, those of us in Portland will move it ahead to Sunday, December 12.

Don’t take my word for it, though, head over to the Jolabokaflod PDX website for more details. There you can check out the 16 authors who will be there to sell their books and chat about all things writing. You know, some of my favorite people like Steve Davala and Jeff Fearnside and Becky Garrison and Evan Morgan Williams and Larissa Brown and Lyndal Cairns and Kate Ristau and Benjamin Gorman and Lars Hedbor and Mollie Hunt and Dora Raymaker and Molly Ringle and Naomi Ulsted…and me! Plus the ever amazing folks responsible for herding us all together: authors Margaret Pinard and Elle Michell. Yes, we bow to Pinard and Mitchell, seriously. Also on hand will be the good folks from Eberhardt Press, Hocus and NW Independent Writers Association. Worried about too many books and not enough sustenance? No worries, sounds like sponsors Cup of Tea and Cloudforest with be on hand with (loose) tea and chocolate.This event will be in conjunction with Portland Flea’s Holiday Makers’ Market at Urbanite PDX, located at 1005 SE Grand Avenue.

Enough said. Check out the authors and sponsors here. See you then? I will have copies of Beyond the Ripples and Music Man, and perhaps a teaser and pre-order for Humanity’s Grace.

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Can’t wait to socialize live with author friends like Margaret again! This event was at the Oregon History Museum in January 2020. Almost feels like a lifetime ago.

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