About that book launch…

I feel very loved: thank you for sharing your support upon the release of Humanity’s Grace. If you missed some of the excitement you can catch up by reading this (front page) article in the West Linn Tidings (West Linn author reflects on life’s interconnectedness in new book), and this bit in the Astorian (In One Ear: Humanity’s Grace). A few reviews are showing up on Amazon and Good Reads: thank you, they do matter to authors. And a few bookstores and libraries have it on order.

I’ve given a lot of thought to my scheduled launch party. We’re all in that space of trying to imagine ways to create normalcy in our lives while paying attention to the reality of the situation, making good choices to not put ourselves, our loved ones in harm’s way, or – as importantly – create an even more catastrophic situation for those working in hospitals and care centers. And so, my launch will continue as scheduled on Sunday, February 6 at 4 pm at the Willamette Ale and Cider House but with a number of precautions.

I appreciate your support wherever you are, so please make the appropriate choice for you. I plan to create a virtual opportunity to talk about my book in the near future, and will also join two other local authors to discuss the crafting of short stories in March at the West Linn Library (more soon). I will be receiving my shipment of books this weekend, and am always happy to get a signed copy to you if you are local and if you’d rather get it from me than your favorite bookshop or online. (I can always sign and inscribe those!)

If you do want to join me at the launch, here’s the scoop.

  • Please only come if you are vaccinated (my party rule not the Ale House).
  • I have reserved the partially outdoor Cider Hall (see map at bottom of home page) and will be there from 4-6 pm or so with my box of books and my able helper. We will both be wearing Kn-95 masks the entire time. Masks are required at the Ale and Cider House unless you are sitting in your personal space and enjoying a beverage (and I have extra Kn-95s if needed). You may purchase a signed book, please bring cash (12.95 for Humanity’s Grace, $14.95 for Beyond the Ripples if you still need it or $13.95 for My Music Man. Any two for $25), Venmo account or check if you can. I can accept a card but would prefer not to if possible. You can say “hi”, buy a book, take a cookie to go and take off if that choice is most comfortable.
  • If you want to stick around to purchase and enjoy a cider or ale or soft drink or tea or coffee (the Ale House coffee bar is once again available) and visit with your party or others at a distanced table – great! The amazing owner has agreed if some are more comfortable taking their drink to the outdoor (where the fire pit is for those who know this place) “beer garden” you are invited to do so. I will look forward to chatting with you!
  • At some point shortly after 4 pm I will share a few words about why I wrote the book using the house mic (and masked) in the Cider Hall…and maybe give a shout out to my writing group.
  • And that is it! Whew…for now. RSVP on Facebook if you like, don’t worry if not.

I hope you enjoy this book. I look forward, as always, to hearing your thoughts. Overall impressions? Favorite or least favorite story and scene? Favorite or least favorite character? If you previously read Beyond the Ripples how did you feel about the way those repeat characters move through this new short story collection? If you read Ripples after Humanity’s Grace, what did you think? Other? Can’t wait to hear!

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