Story sorting, finally!

I began blogging in 2016, shortly after signing my contract with Bedazzled Ink Press for My Music Man. Since then I have posted more than 250 blogs. And while I have chosen key words and categories, I haven’t exactly made it easy for readers to find specific content unless they faithfully check out each blog upon its release. And so, I took some time recently to finally sort my blogs into seven key topics. Now anyone can more easily find pieces as they relate to each category in a drop down menu beneath “Blog” on my home page. Check it out! It would be lying if I didn’t tell you it was a bit hard to determine what categories to use, but I came up with these (in order of most blogs per category).


J.K. Gill, Chloe & William

Old Oregon


Joy and Grief

Just Because



Blogs within each category appear in reverse chronological order. If readers are more interested in the most recently released blogs, these will continue to show up on the main blog page as usual. I’ve added more keywords to help search for specific interests (e.g., Willamette Meteorite or Log Hoist).

Honestly, most months I think my blogging will slow, but then I surprise myself with something. Note to the wise: I do hope to spend more of my writing time in 2023 working on my next work, but you never know what my brain may decide to spin instead.

Do let me know what you think about this blog change. Maybe you’ll find a piece you had forgotten about or missed that speaks to your heart. And if you happen to stop in at the Oregon Historical Society’s Holiday Cheer this Sunday, please stop and say hi!

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