Creating space

As I move into 2023, I recognize new space in my spirit. My in-person event the other night at White Rabbit Books reminded me how much interacting in welcoming and creative spaces fills me.

Three profound changes in my life have further invited me to fill some crevices in my life with favorite and energizing activities, while also prioritizing upcoming time to be a new grandmother. First, with the rebound of events to being in-person, I am reminded of the time being right to be back in community with others. Second, my mother died nearly two years ago. I miss her each day. And all those minutes of the week I spent with her are now unclaimed time, even while taking time to write. Finally, my recent job change, while still full-time, allows me to step back from some demands as a technical speaker and presenter. The teaching and storytelling parts of my soul craves and is energized by sharing this gift and love with creative and compassionate people.

As a result, I thought I’d outline potential opportunities to engage with me in 2023, in addition to following this blog or seeking out my books. Let me know if you’d like to know more about any of these activities by reaching me at I generally don’t charge for presenting as long as I can promote my books (or accept travel funds if I need to go far from my home). I prioritize events with not-for-profits and community-based groups. Donations to favorite charities are always supported.

Sharing Stories of the Past from My Music Man and Related Heritage.

Previous events include: Murdock History Talk: The Falls, Oregon City and Willamette River: Stories from the days of canoes, missionaries and steamboats at the Museum of the Oregon Territory; Oregon Capitol Foundation Speaker Series, Oregon’s Birthday (see recording); Book Talk of My Music Man at West Linn Public Library (see recording); History Pub at McMenamins Old Church, Wilsonville. See more.

Journaling for Well-Being Workshops, Talks and Sharing Experiences. (45-60 minutes).

Previous events include: West Linn Public Library (recording), White Rabbit Books, OEA and OEA Choice Trust.

Book Group Discussions

I love to join book groups to discuss any of my three books. Learn more about My Music Man (discussion guide); Beyond the Ripples (discussion guide); and Humanity’s Grace. In person if in the Portland-metro area.

Writing and Book Events

I also love to join other authors at writing and book events. Speaking of, the next one on my calendar is:

Read Local Author Fair, Saturday, March 11, 2023 at West Linn Public Library.

I hope you too are finding ways, somehow, to prioritize bits of time for those things and people that most fill your spirit.

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