Fusing work, health, writing and community

I enjoy engaging with people however it comes about. Yet, after raising an extroverted daughter, I recognize that is not me. Those of you who know me well understand I’m much more likely to sneak out after a few hours of social as my dad did, rather than stay through the final conversation like Mom (or my spouse). When I was invited to chat with Troy on the Troy Stoeber Show, I knew I was in for fun. It was only after the filming I was grateful for the power of editing; he says his lips are sealed.

Troy is a pediatric physician and a friend. My extroverted child, now a critical care physician assistant, spent a summer taking care of his kids more than a decade ago. Troy and I have had discussions before about workplace safety and health, and so it’s no surprise that our conversation might flow as it did.

Above everything, I had this grand sense of community. After filming at Willamette Falls Media Center, my mind wandered to how much has happened for me and my family within these steep Oregon City blocks. I rented my flute as a kid at Wally’s Music Store and took swimming lessons at the pool just a block away, stopping for ice cream at the nearby DQ after. My daughter was born at Willamette Falls Hospital Birth Center and my great great great grandparents lived down the hill a bit. Today my favorite bookstore and community-support hub, White Rabbit Books and Gifts sits on Main Street just down the street from our County Courthouse where I finalized Mom’s final probate, and within viewing of the 107-year-old Municipal Elevator and the Willamette Falls.

Yes, I could continue…but it’s time to share the video. If you live nearby it might surprise you sometime on the community access television channel. Thanks, Troy, for including me. That laughing soothed my soul.

More about my family in Oregon in my memoir My Music Man.

More about my upcoming book.

Looking for fiction? Check out Beyond the Ripples and Humanity’s Grace.

One thought on “Fusing work, health, writing and community

  1. Dede, loved the interview with Troy, very composed and poised. You made a comment about grief turning to gratitude; that’s exactly wh


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