Lessons from a book launch: Friends, Support, Love

6358B007-F903-446E-90D3-4853CFC955B3Thursday night was  the best night I have had in such a long time. To those who say – it’s your party, make it fun: you are right. I was high for hours, and although it left me on short sleep the next day, I had no doubt how very worth it, it was. However it happened that there are so many wonderful people in my life, I am truly grateful. And, Dad – it would have been your kind of party! You would not have snuck away. (Dad had a history of sharing his extroverted self for awhile at any social event, and then find a way to quietly disappear without anyone noticing, well before others felt the need to depart).

Here’s what this newbie author learned about a book launch party:
1. Celebrate now! Don’t worry for the moment whether others will review your book favorably or your favorite bookstore will carry it.
2. Choose a venue where the host is as excited as you (thank you Andrea and Emily of Cafe West Linn).
3. Remember to eat some of the food and snacks! (Oops, I thought I learned about that at my wedding all those decades ago, but failed again).
4. I don’t think this is considered appropriate launch etiquette – but I sold and signed a whole lot of books during the socializing time prior to speaking. On a weeknight evening, a lot of folks appreciated that.
5. Cash is really great. As good as square and other credit apps may be, they still require a bit of extra time.
6. Do ask for RSVPs – and remind friends a number of times. I gave options: eventbrite, facebook event, email, text…whatever works.
7. If you can, invite your mommy. That was the best.


Brother Rick (character “Dickie’) and Mom.



Tip: Choose an extraordinarily witty and kind friend to introduce you – far left, Maura.



The results of my mom’s amazing research that fed into My Music Man.

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