Win a free book: identify this river stretch

The Willamette and Columbia Rivers were big players in my memoir, My Music Man. These moving waterways play smaller, yet important roles in my novel. While Oregon (and beyond) rivers exude stretches of beauty and intrigue, who might recognize the stretch I selected to film my Beyond the Ripples trailer? Name this stretch for a free, signed copy of this Oregon-based literary novel at my Book Launch Party on May 19 at West Linn’s Willamette Ale and Cider House. Can’t be there? I’ll get a copy to you. Extra points for identifying the two special spots sandwiching the river at this place.

Beyond the Ripples will be released May 2019 by B Ink Publishing

Learn more about Beyond the Ripples and what a few endorsing authors (Jane Kirkpatrick, Warren Easley and Jenny Forrester) have to say about it.

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