What about that deck of cards?

With two book events cancelled last week – strangely one to a weird mid-March snow storm – I decided to take advantage of a virtual world I sometimes complain about. For some time I’ve been meaning to explain a bit more about the 1909 deck of Portland & Columbia Gorge Playing Cards I was gifted a couple of years back. When I crafted THEN, NOW, and IN-BETWEEN: Place, Memories, and Loss in Oregon, I was pleased to have prose to share with some of these images.

At the same time, it seemed the right time to create special pricing for the rest of March (we’ll dub it “St. Patty’s Special” rather than naming it after the thing that is changing the way of modern life as we currently know it). Beginning tomorrow, if not before, all platforms offering this e-book will be reduced to $4.99 a copy. You can access each of these sellers and platforms – and see it includes apple, nook, kobo, amazon, and scribd (international platforms probably won’t be discounted).

Without further adieu, on to the video. And for after: go forth and follow prudent practices to avoid and limit the spread of COVID-19, send prayers and thanks to our caregivers around the world, send love to those isolated, and be kind to each other.

Want to see all the images? See them here: Oregon’s past in a deck of cards.

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