Talking about early Portland football and the MAC

I was disappointed to have this week’s Listen and Learn event at the Multnomah Athletic Club cancelled (due to low registrations), so instead imagined a way to still share parts of this interesting story. So here you have it! Whether you are looking for a break at work, telecommuting, or in quarantine due to that lingering cough – I hope you enjoy it! My original blog on this topic, Early Portland the flying pigskin, is still accessible on this site.

William Andrew Montgomery began working for J.K. Gill upon his arrival in Portland in the late 1800’s. It was soon after he married J.K.’s daughter, Georgia Gill (one of J.K.’s 5 daughters). Enjoy!

This almost 7 minute video shares details about early Portland’s football roots, and the beginning of the Multnomah Athletic Club, including ties to my great grandfather William Andrew Montgomery. William is in the middle row, second from left.

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