My art of blogging

Back in 2016 as I signed the contract for My Music Man, I knew my writing needed practice, and I imagined it was time to get myself out into cyberspace. Yes, it was time to graduate from my private journal of yesteryear into something else. Why not a blog? I didn’t take this on lightly. Already being responsible for a WordPress blog at work, I knew how often people start a blog and discontinue shortly after, perhaps finding they lack the content or appetite to continue. Not long before Dad died in 2014 I had suggested he consider starting his own blog. I even began the home page for him, thinking he could brainstorm a cool maritime-related title, and I’d be his “admin assistant.” It was then Dad told me a “blog sounded like something you had to clean off your shoe” before further reminding me he’d already written and shared whatever it was he wanted about all things river and maritime. I deleted the account.

Now, six years after posting my first blog and nearly 250 others, I’ve been thinking about the art of blogging. I’m no master, continuing to learn by trial and error. Some of my favorites I thought might be popular only to not get much traction. I’ve been surprised by the longevity of others: where do people keep finding them? While I understand basic analytics to uncover a few sites where my blogs have been shared, I’m not so heavily invested in it to get to the heart of most of that tracking. And really, what does it matter? I make not a dime on my blogs though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hope they occasionally lead some to not only find but read my books. I never expected when I started this blog that I would deviate as much as I have from the history side of things: writing about grief and loss and dementia and death. And yet, I continue to be personally fulfilled by it all. As a sideline, I too hope to improve my writing and my ability to share my heart.

While there is still time before the end of 2022, today felt like a day to share my most 10 viewed blogs. It’s fair to say, due to increased readership over the years, somewhat newer content has an edge on popularity. I can say that – while I’m not at the top of the charts of bloggers – my viewership has grown slowly but steadily since 2016. Though honestly, in the end, I know there are a few of you out there who are my most steadfast supporters. Yes, I appreciate you in all that. And too, the joy of writing and processing my thoughts by writing is the true gift for me. Thanks for coming along.

Dede’s most popular blogs since 2016

#1: The J.K. Gill Building renewed

#2: A story hidden in the mist

#3: Columbia River Bar Pilots: A job like no other

#4: Stories of our generation: Mt. St. Helens

#5: J.K. Gill in 5 minutes or less

#6: 127 nights to treasure forever

#7: Portland wrestling: A league of its own

#8: Oregon, football and stadiums: A recap

#9: Tips for reading in the bath (or how to avoid fines and eletrocution)

#10: Mourning

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