Join us at Holiday Cheer

One of my favorite Portland buildings to enter is the Oregon History Museum. Early in my writing of My Music Man I began visiting its Research Library: requesting files full of articles and photos including stories about my ancestors. My favorite of those files is the one containing the original journal of my great great uncle, Sam Gill. Sam was a hero of sorts of our dad’s: he who was both a writer and steamboat captain, capturing stories of Columbia and Willamette River journeys during the late 1800s. I too recall seeing for decades issues of Dad’s Oregon Historical Society’s Historical Quarterly. These days the Quarterly arrives in my own mailbox, thanks to our OHS membership.

In our world of today I’ve been grateful to see OHS exhibits and publications evolve from attention primarily to white and privileged Oregonians like my family, to all People including many who have been ignored, discriminated against and mistreated since Oregon’s first beginnings. Compelling articles in recent Quarterly Issues include, The Indians are Quiet (White Supremacy in the First Photographs of Native Peoples in Oregon), Civil Rights in Oregon (Mark O. Hatfield Lecture Series Post-Lecture Discussion), and From Asylum to Community (Mental Health Care in Oregon from the 1950s to 2000).

It is no surprise, then, that among my favorite book events is the Oregon Historical Society’s Holiday Cheer. After two years without, I am thrilled to be slotted among nearly 70 authors to spend Sunday, December 4 within the walls of this special space at this 53rd annual book event. Now is the time to get this on your calendar, check out what authors and books will be on hand and prepare to pick up holiday gifts for loved ones. I’ll put in a special pitch for you to pick up a copy of my own My Music Man, Beyond the Ripples or Humanity’s Grace so that I can at least break even as I purchase books from my author friends!

Who will be there? Here’s the list of authors planning to attend. Plan ahead on what books you might want to check out.

It is hard to believe that December 2022 is nearly around the corner. I hope to see you soon. In the meantime, learn more about my books.

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